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SilverSoft for Skin

Eczema & Diaper Rash Relief

SilverSoft Infants and Toddlers products provide relief to baby skin conditions such as diaper rash, eczema dryness, infection, irritation, redness and compromised skin conditions. This soft, gentle germicide solution is remarkably effective when applied to sensitive areas of the body. It typically does not sting or burn - even when applied to the most aggressive diaper rash or eczema problem. Our baby products offer diaper rash solutions and eczema relief for infants and toddlers, and is safe for many kinds of baby skin types. (Note: Always use caution when applying any type of solution to the skin of your baby).

Diaper Rash Relief

Infants & Toddlers Provides Relief For

  • Diaper rash relief
  • Cleansing babies - including during diaper change
  • Baby eczema relief (a very effective cradle cap solution)
  • Abrasions, cuts, rash and sore relief
  • Dry, compromised skin or eczema
  • Toddler scrapes and scratches

SilverSoft Infants and Toddlers is hypoallergenic and fragrance free. The gentle nature of this Infant & Toddlers solution is unlike many baby products, as it provides eczema and diaper rash relief, while it kills bacteria, fungi, mold, and parasites.

When applied, SilverSoft Infants & Toddlers can be effective for up to 3 hours or until rinsed. SilverSoft is non-drying and typically may be used as often as needed. Can apply this baby solution generously to the compromised skin area for quick eczema, dryness, or diaper rash relief. This mild product leaves baby’s skin feeling soft and is a great solution for many infant skin ailments.

SilverSoft Baby Products Formula

Chelated Silver is the active ingredient in SilverSoft products, which offers gentle, soothing solutions for all skin types, including this Infants & Toddlers baby solution for eczema and diaper rash relief. Atomic particles of silver are evenly dispersed throughout a healthful, skin-loving solution of demonized water, antiseptic ingredients and fruit polypectate provide the solution. In our products patented formulation, silver atoms are chemically bonded to nonmetallic molecules in solution (not merely in suspension, as in "colloidal" silver). This in-solution bonding considerably enhances SilverSoft products’ anti-microbial action and persistence (killing power over time), providing eczema and diaper rash relief solutions for baby.


SilverSoft for Skin Mini-Foamer

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 "Having Silver Soft at each mat during our wrestling tournament gave our athletes added protection from a recent infectious outbreak of staph".
- J. Bovee, Assitant Director, State High School Association

 "Every time our 2-year old son gets a scratch, he asks for SilverSoft First Aid. It takes the sting right out and he can continue playing".
- Stephanie H., UT

"My heels would get extremely dry and cracked even bleed. Using SilverSoft Skin Care, my heels are nice and soft again!"
- Cindy A., CA

 "With the news talking about viruses in school, I was nervous about sending my kids to class. Now with SilverSoft Hand Sanitizer I can send my son with his own bottle in his backpack and not worry!"
- Jill M., AZ