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Empirical Testing

Extensive laboratory testing at several hospitals and laboratories has evaluated the antimicrobial effectiveness, product stability, and product sensitivity of chelated silver technology. A series of thirteen independent tests are documented. Test laboratories included Lambda Scientific Company, Daylin (Morningside) Laboratories, Alchem Laboratories, Inc., The Jewish Hospital of St. Louis (affiliated with Washington University Medical School and Associated Hospitals), Lutheran Hospital, Wells Laboratories, Inc., Jersey City, New Jersey, and two University laboratories in Utah - Utah State University and Brigham Young University. Organism concentrations were commonly in the range of 108/m1. Exposure times to the microorganisms were in the range of 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Organism kill percentages typically exceeded 99% and were more open in the range of 99.9999% or higher in 30 seconds. Microbial counts on human hands (thirty subjects) were typically reduced from 106 to 103.1| (100-1,000 x lower) "with no adverse reactions noted in any of the subjects."

Tests with herpes simplex virus in the perineal region of 20 subjects showed lesions were abated in all 20 within one week. Other organisms commonly tested include Escherichia coll (E-coli); Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538) pseudomonas aerogenosa (ATC 15442), salmonella choleresis ARCC 15442; type 1 and type 2 herpes virus, and Type A Influenza.

Laboratory testing of Silver soft has been completed at least annually since 1999. Test results continue to confirm that Silver Soft for Skin has an effective kill rate of 99.9994% (six log reduction) or greater on all tested organisms. These results confirm that Silver Soft for Skin continues to exceed the effectiveness of many antimicrobial hand wash preparations (anti-bacterial or anti-microbial products containing alcohol, chlorine, iodine, triclosan, or similar mainstream manufactured chemicals).

In December 2008, independent laboratory testing confirmed Silver Soft effected a six log reduction against methicillin-resistent Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, These results are meritorious for the technology and demonstrate that Silver Soft has potential to reduce or prevent spread of germs that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies "as a wide spread threat among healthy people in every community." A recent CDC study found that at least 10 percent of cases involving the most common community strain were able to evade the antibiotics typically used to treat them. "They're becoming resistant and they're coming in the hospitals where they swap gene components with other bacteria and grow even more dangerous", said Dr. Keith Klugman, an infectious disease expert at Emory University. "It's really a major epidemic."  Marilyn Marchione, Associated Press Writer, October 28, 2008).


In September 1999, the USFDA issued a final rule related to over the counter drugs containing 'colloidal silver' ingredients. Chelated Silver products were not included in the proposed rule. On October 31, 1997, LaSal Laboratories (Dr. L. Douglas Smoot and Dr. E. Odell Miner) presented Chelated Silver technology and scientific testing data to USFDA officials. Substantial existing and emerging data validate the use of Chelated Silver™ as an excellent topical antisepsis and germicide that is increasingly important to human and animal health.

Silver Soft® For Skin is formulated with predominantly natural materials. No exceptional protocols or hazardous procedures are involved. See accompanying MSDS (Material Safety-Data Sheet ).


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 "Having Silver Soft at each mat during our wrestling tournament gave our athletes added protection from a recent infectious outbreak of staph".
- J. Bovee, Assitant Director, State High School Association

 "Every time our 2-year old son gets a scratch, he asks for SilverSoft First Aid. It takes the sting right out and he can continue playing".
- Stephanie H., UT

"My heels would get extremely dry and cracked even bleed. Using SilverSoft Skin Care, my heels are nice and soft again!"
- Cindy A., CA

 "With the news talking about viruses in school, I was nervous about sending my kids to class. Now with SilverSoft Hand Sanitizer I can send my son with his own bottle in his backpack and not worry!"
- Jill M., AZ