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SilverSoft for Skin

How it Works

Chelated [kee-late-ted] Silver™ is the active ingredient in Silver Soft®. A simplified explanation of Chelation is: a molecule of metal covalently bonded to an organic molecule. Chelated Silver reduces "particle size" to the atomic level - one atom of silver is combined with an organic molecule. A molecule is the smallest particle known to science. This molecular structure suggests Chelated Silver is the ultimate anti-microbial product available. Kill rate on microbes is 1-to-1; one molecule of silver kills one bacteria, virus, or pathogen.

SilverSoft® is hypoallergenic and fragrance free. It is non-toxic to humans and animals and is an effective, persistent germicide.

Laboratory Research

Silver is beneficial in a myriad of ways. The Silver Institute in Washington, D.C. has studied the healthful uses of silver and published information about the use of silver in purifying water, promoting skin growth, treating wounds of severely burned patients, protecting eyes, helping people with allergies, and eliminating harmful bacteria.

Chelated Silver in Silver Soft® is based on many years of research and enhanced by proprietary formulation processes. Silver Soft® is safe and remarkably effective in numerous clinical and laboratory tests.

A Breakthrough Formula

Silver Soft® for Skin is dispensed as a gentle white foam or spray [spritz]. It is both an antisepsis and germicide. Optimal amounts of liquid organic preparation are specifically formulated [lighter to heavier solutions] with the active ingredient to address a broad range of skin conditions. Silver Soft® relieves acne, abrasions, minor blisters, burns, and myriad skin conditions for people of all ages. As a persistent sanitizer Sliver Soft® also moisturizes, soothes and softens skin.


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 "Having Silver Soft at each mat during our wrestling tournament gave our athletes added protection from a recent infectious outbreak of staph".
- J. Bovee, Assitant Director, State High School Association

 "Every time our 2-year old son gets a scratch, he asks for SilverSoft First Aid. It takes the sting right out and he can continue playing".
- Stephanie H., UT

"My heels would get extremely dry and cracked even bleed. Using SilverSoft Skin Care, my heels are nice and soft again!"
- Cindy A., CA

 "With the news talking about viruses in school, I was nervous about sending my kids to class. Now with SilverSoft Hand Sanitizer I can send my son with his own bottle in his backpack and not worry!"
- Jill M., AZ