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SilverSoft is the ideal pet germicide and skin care product for both small and large animals. The Mini-Foamer PETS product is great for all small animals like dogs and cats. The larger bottle is for use on large animals like horses, cattle, sheep and goats and other livestock. Naturally formulated, environmentally safe Silver Soft for Animals is a powerful microbicide that uses no alcohol, iodine or chlorine to kill germs. Therefore our product will not cause stinging if applied to cuts and saddle burns. Your animals will love it for its odorless,non-stinging effect.

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SilverSoft for Animals

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Silver Soft for Animals is the ideal Equine, Cattle, Goat and Sheep Sanitizing solution. It is a soothing germicide that takes care of many animal skin problems - from head to hoof. 
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SilverSoft for Pets

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Silver Soft for Skin PETS is a great all-round germicide for household pets like cats and dogs. This product comes in a handy, portable size. Use this gentle product for animal skin care relief and germ control on cuts, scrapes, harness/collar sores, dry 
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 "Having Silver Soft at each mat during our wrestling tournament gave our athletes added protection from a recent infectious outbreak of staph".
- J. Bovee, Assitant Director, State High School Association

 "Every time our 2-year old son gets a scratch, he asks for SilverSoft First Aid. It takes the sting right out and he can continue playing".
- Stephanie H., UT

"My heels would get extremely dry and cracked even bleed. Using SilverSoft Skin Care, my heels are nice and soft again!"
- Cindy A., CA

 "With the news talking about viruses in school, I was nervous about sending my kids to class. Now with SilverSoft Hand Sanitizer I can send my son with his own bottle in his backpack and not worry!"
- Jill M., AZ